All human beings are born free and equally in dignity and rights. They should be full of logic and knowledge and work towards each other in the spirit of brotherhood. But if someone violates these human rights laws then we try to help and protect the victim.

Communication and publication

The WHRPA publishes “know your rights” content through its lawyers, activists, academics, researchers, concerned individuals, media and educational institutions, including books, reports and posters. The purpose of these publications is to make human rights and law simple and accessible.


There is a direct connection between the public interest petitions made by WHRPA and the campaigns in which he participates and convenes. The latter create awareness of issues, facilitate dissemination of orders passed by the courts, and create a process for change participation. It tells the judiciary that society is concerned about the outcome of cases, and therefore makes the judiciary more sensitive to the needs of civil society. The campaigns create a consultative process through which civil society monitors the progress of a case and the performance of lawyers, and provides critical information and support for lawyers. The dynamic inter-suit between campaign and litigation provides a transparent decision-making process in the conduct of litigation.


In the courts, in the media, and for various public and legislative, WHRPA is a strong advocate for laws and policies that promote and defend human rights. An important part of the work of the WHRPA involves advocating against laws and policies that undermine human rights. This includes raising public awareness through research and disseminating accurate information about violations and anti-policies.

In critical areas where adequate legislation is lacking or needs amendment, the WHRPA has been at the forefront of efforts to formulate laws and policies – such as against child sexual abuse, against communal crimes, and the right to food and work. . WHRPA counseling efforts encourage debate and discussion at the local, state and national levels.

Legal Aid and Public Interest Litigation

The WHRPA offers quick response and pro bono expertise to those who have little or no access to the justice system. Our lawyers offer legal representation and advice to people who cannot afford legal representation.

Over the past decade, the channel has made a significant transition from personal litigation to filing public interest litigation in the lower courts to the high courts and the Supreme Court. Our experience is that a decisive and professional intervention at the level of the Supreme Court can change the regressive state policies and bring relief to millions of people.