To unite human rights activists and organizations around the world and to promote human rights, values ​​and global well-being needed to build a better world order.

The “World Human Rights Protection Association” works to promote the following objectives:

  • To unite human rights activists, lovers of peace, and non-governmental organizations worldwide for the protection and promotion of human rights contained in the UDHR and other international documents.
  • To assist its members in carrying out their tasks for building a better society and world.
  • To empower its members worldwide by acting as a strong and unified voice in the protection of political, economic and cultural rights at the global, national and local levels.
  • Serving its members internationally as their advocate and spokesperson on human rights issues
  • To give more voice to human rights activists and non-governmental organizations beyond their national boundaries.
  • To recognize individuals and organizations by awarding and recognizing them for their contribution to the protection and promotion of human rights and values.
  • To provide international conferences and seminars for the promotion of human rights and values.